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About  Me 

Working in Sonoma County CA as a Photographer has been an absolute dream for me. I love the beauty and excitement of each day and the love between the couples and families that I get to capture .


I want to capture those special moments between people, that truly showcase who they are and their love for one another.......

Photography is something that I've come to love and enjoy learning everything possible about.

I'm very lucky to have two young boys that keep me on my toes and a husband that truly supports me & loves me (I love him too).  I'm kind of a goof and I  love to make people smile, so this has been perfect match for me. I enjoy taking pictures of just about anyone or anything as long as we can make it fun and enjoyable. I'm Pretty sure my kids love the fact that they aren't the ones in front of my lens also.   


I'm looking forward to the new places my camera is going to take me and the new people I may meet.

sonoma county wedding photographer
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